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7 Gift Ideas to Bring to a Family with Autism

December 20th, 2010 · 10 Comments · Inspirational

7 Gifts to Bring to a Family with Autism
Only a few more days until the Big Day, and still don’t know what to give your neighbor/sister/colleague’s child who has autism? You’re not certain if they like Disney Princess’ or Harry Potter Legos. You’ve heard that the ipad is great for kids with autism but it’s a little out of your price range…
What to do?
Here are 7 Gift Ideas that I believe every family with autism will enjoy.
1. Your Time
Offer to watch the child with autism so the mom/dad can do some holiday shopping of their own, or so the couple can have a quiet meal together and regroup.  Holidays are stressful for everyone. Imagine if you have a child with extreme sensitivity to lights, sounds, people, places.  It can be next to impossible to take the child to a crowded mall – especially during holiday times.  Being available for the family is one of the best gifts you can offer.
2. Your Help
If you are at the mall and see a Mom or Dad with a child who is having a difficult time, ask if you can help.  Even if the parent declines your offer  – just the mere gesture  can help the parent feel less stressed and embarrassed. And we all know that when a parent is less stressed, the child will be more relaxed.
3. Your Place in Line
If you are in the front of a line, and see a parent with a child with autism in the back of the line – offer them your place.  Sure you are in a hurry – but it can be very challenging for a child to have to wait in line.  Your generous offer can make the world of difference to that family.
4. An Invitation
Invite the family with autism over for your holiday dinner.  Yes, you recall that Jason is prone to outbursts, that he eats with his fingers, and he can’t sit for very long. But you don’t know how much your invitation could mean to a family. Before founding The Miracle Project, there were times when Neal and I had to spend holidays by ourselves.  Holiday times can be very lonely.  No one wants a whirling dervish at their home.  But just once, take a risk.  Even if the family declines, you are giving them the greatest gift of all by inviting them.
5. A Meal
Bring a holiday meal to the family with autism.   Or bring over a movie with popcorn to their house.  This way the family can enjoy being together without having to be out in the crowds.This year, Neal was going through some health challenges and we were not able to attend any of our friends or family holiday dinners.  My girlfriend, Vida insisted on me coming to her party, and picking up “Chanukah-to-go” to bring home to Jeff and Neal. She talked me into staying a few minutes to hear her 90 year old Dad recite the Hanukah blessings. Her thoughtfulness will be remembered always.
6. A Question
Call and ask what the child is interested in.  Sounds simple, yes? But not always understood. Sometimes our kids aren’t that interested in what other kids are interested in. There was one year that Neal was passionate about Tupperware containers.  A very thoughtful friend wrapped up 10 containers with lids. I still remember the excitement in his eyes as he unwrapped each piece!
Another idea, is to rally a group of friends together and contribute towards a class the child would like to take and the parents can’t afford.  Families with autism are often strapped for funds and programs can be costly.
7. Unconditional Love
The most important gift you can give to a family with autism is your unconditional love and support.  This is the gift that will keep on giving.
Many blessings to everyone and may your holidays be full of love, compassion and Joy.
With love and gratitude,
Elaine, Jeff and Neal
Elaine Hall
Founder of The Miracle Project
Author: Now I See the Moon
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  • Werknotthereyet

    What a wonderful list! I think this is the very best wish list I have seen in a long long time! :) Thank you :)

  • Leigh


    This is a wonderful post – so very thoughtful and helpful. This will be one shared again and again during the holiday season. Thanks for taking the time to put this together so eloquently!

  • Elaine Hall

    Thank you, Leigh! Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for sharing with others.

  • Elaine Hall

    Thank you. All of these gift ideas have been brought to me by caring folks!

  • Christinna

    Your list has my seal of approval Elaine…very right on gifts here that are exactly perfect. They will touch the lives and hearts of all families with autism.

  • CoachE

    Thank you, Christinna!

    Happy Holidays. Please feel free to share with others.

    Many blessings,


  • Elaine Hall

    Thank you, Christinna.
    So pleased you are pleased. Many blessings, Elaine

  • debra


    such a wonderfully “spot on” post. i would be delighted to receive any of these “gifts”, but you friendship over the years has been the greatest gift of all.

    all the best to you, jeff and neal,

    xoxo, debra

  • jimma

    great ideas. i've tried to spend time with family with my 29 year old son who still has problems only to be told to take him home. so i'm not going to try anymore. its less stress. i missed my family this year but only one brother called and i couldn't come to the phone so he just left a message. this is sad to me.

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