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Neal’s Thoughts on Work, Gardening, G-d

January 27th, 2013 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

I work at camp J C A Shalom in Malibu every Thursday.  I water trees, plants, and herbs in their organic garden. I pick ripe lemons, oranges, and olives.  I use hay to insulate the trees in the winter. It makes me happy to work.

I feel connected to G-d when I am working in nature. I see G-d’s work in the earth and want to feel it in my hands. When I am in the garden and working, I feel G-d’s call, and I answer him by doing the work he started. When G-d was creating the earth He created plants on the third day. I am continuing G-d’s work when working at J C A.

Everyone says I am a simple guy and really, I am. I wish everyone was as simple as me. The world would be a much less complicated place if we all tried to do G-d’s work and not the work we convince ourselves we ought to do.

When watering trees, I think about giving back to the earth what she gives to me and to the earth.

Earth is like a giant circle.

It’s a give and take, however, not enough people give.

This year I challenge everyone to give more to earth’s giant circle and take less. Be more aligned with G-d’s vision and see how much you grow as a result.

Neal Katz, January 2013

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  • Turkett Letty

    The most amazing speech, ever. Thanks Neal!

  • Coachelainehall

    Thank you! I will send your comments to Neal. He will be so happy! 

  • Miriam

    you are so right Neal if we all gave freely and without wanting anything back this worl would be an amazing place

  • Dakotathunder


  • CoachE

    Thank you, Oscar, for your beautiful thoughts. I will definitely let Neal know how much your words meant.

  • oscar

    I saw Neal today at the Profectum conference and I felt like I was in the presence of a prophet. Neal's feelings about bees and gardening brought tears to my eyes. I've been working with children/adults on the spectrum for over 10 years and it's days like this that reassure my mission in life. Thank you Coach E and Neal for opening doors that were bolted closed for so many years. Unbelievable!!!!

  • Teresa Harris

    Neal you see truth.. God is with us.. many people will not believe in HIm who created this magnificent earth.. so well written.. with such great wisdom.