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Elaine Hall


I appreciate your response and I apologize for not getting back sooner. My 2 year old has been in the hospital with pneumonia. It was scary but she is doing much, much better and life is returning to “normal” again, at least as normal as it can be! lol

Wow, thanks so much for offering to put Macayla’s video on your website! That is so awesome! This is a video from the USD 259 Middle School Choir and Ensemble Festival last weekend. Macayla getting to perform in such a festival has been a dream not only for Macayla but her parents as well for a long time. I was so honored to be in that room last Saturday and get to the chance to see her accomplish her dream. I see many more opportunities in the future for Macayla. The sky is limit! I am going to attach a link to her video at the bottom of the email. I tried to send it as an attachment but it was too large. If you are unable to put it on from this link please let me know and I will figure out another way.

I am attaching some pictures as well. They are of Macayla and her mom and one of Macayla, myself (in gray sweatshirt) and my wonderful Para Paula Hall.

I talked with Macayla’s mom about the possibility of coming out to California for a 1 week summer camp and she seemed very, very interested! She was curious at what the expenses would be but excited and interested none the less. Even though Wichita has a rather large (and wonderful!) theatre community I am unaware of any programs such as yours. Elaine, I know you are super busy, but if you ever get a minute would you mind emailing me some information regarding your 1 week summer camps? The information may already be on your website and I may just be missing it. I also told Macayla’s mom Roxann, I would even consider taking the trip with them in case she needed help.

Thanks for the information on your book, “Now I See the Moon.” I purchased it and plan to read it over the weekend. I have only been teaching in the Autism classroom for two years now and am still learning as I go. I graduated with a business degree and after staying at home with my three daughters a few years decided to get my licensure in education and become a special education teacher. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and I can’t imagine doing anything else! I am hungry for knowledge on the disorder but due to budget cuts in the state they no longer send teachers to conferences but the special education department in my district has been very helpful. I do wish there were more in-services, workshops and even conventions around Wichita where I can continue to learn and grow as an Autism teacher.

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging email. It really meant a great deal to me. I appreciate you putting the video on your site as do Macayla and her parents because I do believe she is an inspiration to us all!

Have a great weekend,

Autism Teacher
Brooks Middle School

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